Clay County, Missouri Maps

Looking for a map of Clay County?  Below is a list of common sources of informational maps from Clay County government.

Clay County Assessor

The Real Estate section provides a connection to resources including a Parcel Search that provides valuation and appraisal information, and Change of Valuation Notices.

The GIS/Mapping division creates, manages, and publishes land parcel data using current Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. Custom maps are available for purchase, as well as an interactive, web-based mapping application for general use.

Clay County Planning & Zoning Department

Click here to see the maps available from the Clay County Planning & Zoning Department.

Clay County Parks


Click here to see the available trail maps from Clay County Parks.

Disc Golf

Click here to see information on disc golf from Clay County Parks.

Clay County Highway Department

Construction & Closures

Click here to see updates on construction and closure projects from the Clay County Highway Department.