Current Solicitations

Solicitation: An Invitation For Bid (IFB), a Request For Proposal (RFP), a Sole Source (SS), a Request For Qualifications(RFQ) or any document used to obtain informaton for the purpose of entering into an Agreement as issued by the Clay County Purchasing Department.


This website contains Solicitations and related information for purchases which are processed by the Clay County Purchasing Department.


It shall be the Vendor's responsibility to ask questions, request changes or clarification, or otherwise advise the Purchasing Department if any language, specifications or requirements of a solicitation appear to be ambiguous, contradictory, and/or arbitrary, or appear to inadvertently restrict or limit the requirements stated in the solicitation document to a single source.  Any and all communication from Vendors regarding specifications, requirements, competitive solicitation process, etc., must be directed to Leslie DeGroot, Purchasing Manager, unless the solicitation specifically refers the Vendor to another contact.  Such e-mail, fax, or phone communication should be received at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the official solicitation closing date.



RFP 86-18 Zip Line at Smithville Lake.pdf

RFP 86-18 Addendum No.1.pdf

IFB 128-18 Boat Lifts.pdf













Print or type the  Solicitation Number, IFB/RFP, etc. Title and Return Due Date (also referred to as “Closing Date”) on the lower left hand corner of the envelope or package.  Delivered sealed Solicitations must be in the Clay County Purchasing Department prior to the return closing date and time.  

All Solicitations must be delivered to and time stamped in at the Purchasing Department located at:  

1 Courthouse Square, 3rd Floor, Liberty, MO 64068.

Solicitations which are not received in the Purchasing Department prior to the official closing date and time shall be considered late, regardless of the degree of lateness, and normally will not be opened, unless extraordinary circumstances are involved. 


The Purchasing Department shall have the right to officially amend or cancel a Solicitation after issuance.  It shall be the sole responsibility of the Vendor to monitor the Clay County Current Solicitations Opportunities Website. It shall also be the sole responsibility of the Vendor  to obtain the Solicitation document, any exhibits, attachments, and addendums thereto.  Therefore, the  Vendor  is cautioned to check the Current Solicitation Opportunities Website prior to submitting a response, so as to ensure that a complete, up-to-date package including all addendum(s) and or additional information, is submitted.  The Vendor shall not be relieved of any responsibility for performance under any resulting Agreement due to the failure of the Vendor to obtain copies of the Solicitation, exhibits, attachments, and any addendums.  

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