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Tax Parcel Split/Merge Request Form

  1. Instructions
    • Please fill out a separate form for each request.
    • Because of the timing of the tax year and when assessed values must be certified so that tax rates may be set, Split/Merge Requests received after May 1st will be processed the following calendar year. 
    • Approval of both parcel splits and mergers is at the discretion of the Assessor. 
    • Legal Descriptions should be obtained from a surveyor or previously surveyed description accurately describing land recorded in the Recorder of Deeds office.
    • Paper version available here
  2. Requirements

    For Merge Requests:

    • In same tax district
    • Contiguous (touching) 
    • Identical ownership
    • No delinquent taxes due

    For Split Requests:

    • No delinquent taxes due
  3. Acknowledgements*
  4. Please Note for Split Requests

    It is not required to request a split through this form before you sell a portion of your property. It will automatically be split off using the legal description once the new deed is recorded with the Clay County Recorder of Deeds.

  5. (upload file as necessary)

  6. By submitting this form, the requestor acknowledges and understands
    1. This is a request for tax records only.  It has no effects on property ownership, title, or legal description.
    2. A split or merge of a parcel may result in a change on property assessment/taxes.
    3. Owner is responsible for notifying lenders of any change.

    By typing your name below, you are signing this application electronically. You agree that your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this application.

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