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Address Change Form

  1. Why should I fill out this form?

    By Missouri law, taxpayers owe taxes based on the property they owned on January 1 of each year. That means, that even if you moved out of county or even out of state, you still owe taxes if you were a resident on January 1. Please understand that you have an obligation to let us know if (and when) your place of residence has changed so that your assessment forms and tax bills can be sent to you. You are, by state law, responsible for payment of your taxes, including applicable penalties and interest, even if you do not receive a tax bill. Penalties and interest may, by Missouri law, only be waived for personnel on active military duty.

  2. When should I fill out this form?

    Anytime you move into Clay County, within Clay County, or out of Clay County, you need to let Clay County know. Please only fill out this form for personal property (non-real estate) tax purposes.

  3. What else do I need to know?

    If you move into Clay County from another county, you also need to fill out an Assessment List. You may obtain this form by clicking on the link or by contacting the Assessor's Office.

  4. Leaving Clay County / Prorated Refund

    You are liable for the complete tax amount based on the property you owned on January 1, even if you moved later that year. You pay your taxes in your county of residence on January 1 (of the current year, not of the coming up year). There is no provision in Missouri law for partial refunds on your tax bill. If you are leaving Clay County (or Missouri), please present your tax receipts when enrolling in your new place of residence.

  5. What if I have further questions?

    Both Assessor and Collector maintain documents with frequently answered questions on their web sites. If your question is not covered, please refer to the contact information for either office.

  6. We need your daytime phone number so we can reach you if we have questions.

  7. You moved...
  8. Your Parcel ID helps us locate your tax record quicker. Unless you are a new Clay County resident, please enter the Parcel ID, without hyphens or periods, if your last tax bill or assessment list is handy.

  9. Thank you very much for submitting an address change form to Clay County. Please note that filling out this form is not sufficient documentation to receive your tax bill if you have never filled out an assessment form before (call 816-407-3500, Personal Property to discuss specifics). It is not sufficient documentation to void a tax bill you believe to have received by mistake (call 816-407-3200 to discuss specifics).

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