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Nature Center

Admission Fee

There is no admission fee.

The Smithville Lake Nature Center offers multiple opportunities for all ages to learn about our native environment. Be sure to browse the displays and learn something new about Missouri's wildlife. Enjoy our resident and migrating birds as they stop in for a quick bite at one of our bird feeder stations. With more than 15 live species of animals and numerous exhibits, the nature center has something for everyone! Visitors can also observe wildlife in its natural habitat by walking on one of our primitive nature trails. Be sure to stroll through the flower garden to see some of Missouri's most beautiful native wildflowers. On-site and off-site nature programs, designed to encourage interest in nature and the environment, are available to schedule for organized groups. We are located in the Kelsey Short Youth Group Camp at Smithville Lake. There is no admission fee. For more information, schedule an appointment, or, if interested in volunteering, call 816-407-3400.

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