2023 Midwest National Air Center Fees

Tenant Hangar and Tie Down Fees

Monthly Rate 
Up Front 6 Months (5%) Discounted Rate
6 Months Per Month Discounted Break Down
Heated Maintenance Hangar HMH3 (Entire Hangar)$5,500.00$31,350.00$5,225.00
Heated Maintenance Hangar HMH2 (Entire Hangar)$4,450.00$25,365.00$4,227.50
Heated Maintenance Hangar HMH1 (Entire Hangar$2,650.00$15,105.00$2,517.50
  • A) HMH1 Small Turbine (Share Hangar)
  • B) HMH1 Single Engine Recip (Share Hangar)
  • C) HMH1 Twin Engine Recip (Share Hangar)
Large Nested T Hangar (A Row)$390.00$2,223.00$370.50
Small Nested T Hangar (B, D, & E Rows)$305.001,738.50$289.75
Large Nested Hangar Storage Unit (A Row)$150.00$855.00$142.50
Small Nested Hangar Storage Unit (B, D, & E Rows)$140.00$798.00$133.00
Shade Port (C Row)$115.00$655.50$109.25
Ramp Tie Down$75.00$427.50$71.25

Overnight Hangar and Tie 
Engine Type1st Day RateAdditional Day Rate
HMH1 - Single Recip. Rental$150.00$85.00
HMH1 - Twin Recip. Rental$175.00$95.00
HMH1 - Turbine Recip. Rental$225.00$135.00
Large Nested T Hangar$80.00$80.00
Small Nested T Hangar$60.00$60.00
Shade Port$45.00$45.00
Ramp Tie Down - No Fuel Purchase$50.00$50.00
  • 1 free night of tie down for each 10 gal of fuel purchased.

Service Fees
Preheat, Per Engine, Per Hour$75.00
Aircraft Wash Outside, Transient - Self Service$15.00
Lavatory Service$130.00
GPU Start Up$60.00
GPU Per Hour (1 Hour Minimum)$75.00
Airport Attendant After Hours Call Back Fee$125.00
  • Fee waived with 200 Gal Full Service Fuel Purchase
Building and Terminal Fees
Pat Danner Terminal Building Office:

South Office Space - Monthly$560.00
North Office Space - Monthly$300.00
Conference Room -Daily$140.00
The Old Terminal Building Garage:
West Office Space - Monthly$650.00
East Office Space - Monthly$550.00