Driveway Permits

In unincorporated Clay County: 

All driveway entrances require a permit. A driveway permit is required:

  • before a building permit will be issued, and
  • before an existing driveway can be moved, and
  • before the construction of a new driveway entrance.

Prior to issuing a driveway permit, the property is inspected to determine:

  1. Driveway location based on safety/sight distance parameters, and
  2. whether a culvert is required. If a culvert is necessary, the required culvert size is detailed on the permit.

The property owner is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the driveway and driveway culvert.

A driveway permit is good for the location specified and carries over from property owner to property owner.

Driveway Permit Fees

Permit TypeFee

*A link to the Land Development Code can be found on the Zoning and Subdivision page. 

All public improvements shall meet the technical design standards and specifications addressed in Technical Specifications (PDF) and Design Criteria Manual (PDF). Compliance with the standards of the Technical Specifications and Design Criteria Manual shall be required on all publicly dedicated rights-of-way (ROW).

Clay County Driveway Permit Request

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